Thames 21 are holding monthly events along the Rivers Pinn & Fray's  in the London Borough of Hillingdon to enhance the river and its surroundings

All Thames21 events are on


   Tuesday March 28th , 10am-1pm, Ickenham Park Wood, Swakeleys Drive Car Park. Dragana is organising the Park Officers to cut back the bramble, so will be tidying up the wood and if conditions allow .clean up  rubbish in river down to A40 road bridge. It is the start of Invasive Species week, so we will be tackling the early growth of Himalayan Balsam and pull out this invasive annual plant, which smothers the river bank,

  1.        Wednesday 29th March -  10am-1pm Fray’s River , Uxbridge,  but  this time we will be on other side of bridge in Rockingham Recreation Ground, the Thames21 van will be parked in the car park there, unless no spaces then I will park by Fassnidge Park as before. Quite a bit of rubbish in the river and bank, but there is an informal where we want to cut back the vegetation back hard before Summer regrowth. We will remove any small patches of Floating Pennywort that is highly invasive. We will be joined by student volunteers from Uxbridge College (Hayes Campus).
  2.        On Wednesday 26th April, we are planning a walk from Fassnidge Park along the Fray’s River past the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve and the London Wildlife Trust site at Frays Farm Meadows before returning probably via canal to Uxbridge with possible refreshment stop at the Rusty Bike Café. It should be a great walk and a chance to find out about the work that the Wildlife Trusts and Thames21 do. We may get a chance to do a light litter pick, focussing on one use drink bottles and cans to provide more data for the One Less Campaign and impact on wildlife on both human, river and marine wildlife. More details to follow.

Design by LTD Design Consultants and build by Garganey Consulting. From an original concept by the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust.