The Colne Valley Fisheries Consultative has launched a new Project to enable the public to report and map pollution incidents in the Colne catchment. 

ROMP (River Outfall Monitoring Project) has been set up by the Colne Valley Fisheries Consultative (CVFC) following several pollution incidents originating from surface water outfalls flowing into the River Colne which have caused considerable environmental damage including several ish kills.

There are over 170 surface water outfalls that enter the River Colne between Watford and Uxbridge. Historically, some of these outfalls have contaminated the river with sewage and foul water via misconnections from residential/commercial properties.
The aim of ROMP is to engage members of Angling Clubs and other volunteers such as dog walkers, joggers, bird watchers and other members of the public to monitor the outfalls into the River Colne and its’ tributaries on a regular basis and report pollution at an early stage. This can be done through the Colne Valley Fisheries Consultative’s website and the Environment Agency Hotline 0800 80 70 60. CVFC’s website is user friendly and can be viewed on all media devices. Images and descriptions of pollution incidents can be uploaded and updated providing a permanent record of events.
The Colne Valley is populated with over seventy long established and famous angling lakes and other water bodies – many of which have an interaction with the River Colne. It is therefore extremely important that the health and condition of the river is monitored regularly to ensure that the fragile aquatic and associated environments are protected adequately.
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