Plans to release beavers into the wild in England have been set out in a consultation launched on the 25th August.

Since 1995, water companies across England have invested many millions of pounds in projects to protect and improve our rivers, lakes and wetlands. Now, the Environment Agency are seeking your views on how future money should be spent.

Affinity Water are supporting CVFC with their ambitious strategic plan to tackle Floating Pennywort in the Colne Catchment.

Tens of thousands of people in our region have signed up to a landmark movement, pledging to reduce the amount of water they use on a daily basis.

A new strategy to restore our precious chalk streams to their former glory has just been published, and your feedback is now being sought before 15thJune.

Few people would believe that in the 21st century, our precious rivers are still being used as open sewers. New monitoring data just released by the Environment Agency reveals the true extent of sewage pollution in England.

The Colne Valley Regional Park are working with Affinity Water to improve migratory routes for the critically endangered European Eel across the lower Colne Catchment. 

The Environment Agency are consulting on whether new areas should be classified as water stressed.

This project aims to reduce the amount of this very successful invasive species in the river Colne. After promising progress in 2019, Covid 19 restrictions led to setbacks in 2020. The project is at a crossroads, this article explains why and how it was set up, its very valuable initial progress and how it can get back on track and in control of Floating pennywort again.

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