The Environment Agency routinely measure and monitor the environment to assess the water situation across the Hertfordshire and North London Area. September was a dry month with little rainfall.


This monitoring is done for:

  • the amount of rain that falls;
  • how dry the soils are (and how much rain they can soak up);
  • the amount of water flowing in rivers;
  • the amount of water stored below ground in aquifers.

Every month a Water Situation Report is produced by Hydrologists in the Environment Agency. 

The September 2014 edition is available here. 

Summary – September 2014

September was a dry month with little rainfall. Much of the month’s rainfall fell in heavy showers on the 18th, 19th and 23rd. River flows in the Chalk catchments declined but remained healthy, while rivers in the Clay and urban catchments suffered from the low rainfall. Groundwater levels were normal or higher, with groundwater levels at several of our indicator sites above normal. 

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