16. Chesham Water Group

Aims: Involve people with their local waterbodies; Improve water quality; Manage flow; Work together

Water body: River Chess
Project description

A partnership of local community groups, agencies and water companies working together to deliver real benefits for both Chesham’s water environment and its residents.


The Chesham Water Group was set up in June 2015 to provide a strategic overview of initiatives in Chesham relating to all aspects of water management. A great deal of work has being done in the Chesham area in the past eleven years in relation to water, by local community groups such as Impress the Chess, the Chilterns Chalk Streams Project and the Chesham Flood Action Group as well as by agencies and water companies working in partnership.  This work has addressed issues such as water quality, river flows, drought and flooding as well as river conservation and restoration.  The Chesham Water Group seeks to build on this work and strengthen it.  The Water Group aims to ensure opportunities for multiple benefits are taken advantage of and that activity is complementary and coordinated. 

The groups will meet every three months and to remain in touch between meetings, for example through the working groups that help manage particular projects in more detail. 

Keep your eye out for regular updates about the Chesham Water Group in Your Chesham and on this page.

Project lead: Environment Agency
Project partners: Affinity Water, Buckinghamshire County Council, Chilterns Chalk Streams Project, Environment Agency, River Chess Association, Thames Water, Chesham Town Council, Chiltern District Council, Chesham Flood Action Group
Contact for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Project start: Jun 2015

Design by LTD Design Consultants and build by Garganey Consulting. From an original concept by the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust.